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Mc Gill’s Summary of Religious Observances 2001 was created so that the university’s faculty and administration could accommodate students, but the list can also be a resource for employers.

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As companies diversify and the workplace expands to include people from various backgrounds, cultural differences among employees will become more prevalent.

Cultural differences can encompass everything from religious observances to personal habits to clothing.

Knowing how to deal with people from various cultural backgrounds is helpful at home, in the office and abroad.

Reports are available for over 80 countries, and include topics applicable to culture and customs.

Religious Customs While country of origin may influence culture and customs, so too can religious beliefs.

One religion with practices and observances that may need additional accommodations in the workplace is Islam, particularly given the fact that its followers are growing in numbers.Likewise, reports about other countries also cover cultural issues.A report about Chile, entitled “Doing Business in Chile,” addresses class and ethnic descent, topics to avoid, punctuality, proper protocol and women in business, among other subject areas.She cites a number of practices, including the fact that Friday prayers, as an important part of Islamic life.In order to accommodate this particular need, it is suggested that employers allow Muslim employees to take extended lunch hours on Fridays.Australia is a multicultural society so it is important to have skills and attitudes that help us to communicate and work effectively with people from diverse backgrounds.

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