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TVNZ have said they are looking for "people genuinely looking for love: men and women from a diverse mix of ages, occupations, ethnicity and sexual orientation who are currently single"Each episode follows a minimum of four couples as they have dinner together in a restaurant while being filmed by hidden cameras.

The daters range in age from 18 to 60 and come from diverse backgrounds.

"She's willing to take the heat for what she believes is the right thing to do for everyone." The series, created by Jonathan Gavin and produced by Imogen Banks, also stars Magda Szubanski, Roy Billing, Dan Spielman and Catherine Mc Clements.

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This is an image of the Snow Queen: blue, gray, gray-green or blue eyes and very fair hair.

Tall, slender, they have feminine forms and false thinness at the same time.

But one of the most common types - women with a thinner regular features. Many of them have very good and healthy skin - blood and milk.

They are very sporty, usually addicted to a healthy lifestyle, take care of their diet.

When Edie decides to launch a class action lawsuit against Julius, whose health suddenly improves, it threatens to drive a wedge between the new-found sisters.

"She really thinks she's doing the right thing and that justice will prevail and the girls will work that out," Antonia says.

Producer and matchmaker Alysha Kennedy said they do their best to make compatible matches."We want to do our best to match people with someone they are going to be compatible with because every date that we match we want it to be a success and that's the difference between this show and all the other dating shows.

This show, we want the date to be a success and it's disappointing when it is not." Although the source was intrigued by the concept of being set up on a blind date, he decided against applying due to the fact it was televised.

So, they look thin in the clothes, but have a sufficiently developed forms in real.

There are women of small stature too, and you can find brunettes of course un this country.

My favourite films are the ones that are heartbreaking but there's humour in there," Maria says.

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