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Given Germany’s strength and ruthlessness, the question constantly looms: why did the Poles risk the uprising? The brutality of the occupation strengthened their resistance rather than weakened it.The generation of the resistance, the first generation in a century to grow up free and full of hopes and plans for the future were singularly unwilling to submit.White House senior adviser Stephen Miller used the word "cosmopolitan" to insult CNN's Jim Acosta during an exchange at a White House briefing, but here are four reasons why Miller may be just a little bit "cosmopolitan" himself.

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That he still pursued this goal in 1944 when his defeat was obvious to many is indicative of his insanity, and yet he continued to command obedience.

True, some high ranking officers did make an assassination attempt in the summer of ’44, but this group was small and, it must be said, they were inspired primarily because they could see disaster looming for Germany and not because of the crimes that had been committed up to that point.

He is also a former prisoner of Auschwitz and has dedicated much of his life to promoting peace, to reconciliation with Germany, and to Polish-Jewish dialogue. Richie also used first person accounts but although she was able to talk to dozens of people who took part in this historic drama, she relied primarily on the testimonies given to the Polish War Crimes Tribunal in the 1940s “as they have an immediacy and accuracy that can sometimes fade later in life.” Richie, author of Faust’s Metropolis, A History of Berlin, is no stranger to German history and, like Bartoszewski (her father-in-law), is well aware that the years of Nazi rule do not obliterate the German culture of Kant, Goethe and Bach.

At the same time, however, the work of such cultural giants does not obliterate the nadir of German history.

With high-end international retailers such as Hermès and Gucci on the street level alongside fancy Italian, Asian and French eateries, the building is billed as “the new ideal for sophisticated, modern, urban living.” Also in the marketing materials is the slogan: “You are where you live.” Which would make Miller …

well, pretty cosmopolitan, in a city that is arguably among the most cosmopolitan in the world.

Cordary operates condo complexes called California Villages, and on his congressional financial disclosure forms, Stephen Miller identifies himself as holding an unpaid position of vice president with that company dating to 2010.

The City Center condo wasn’t the young political aide’s first luxury (or dare we say cosmopolitan? In 2008, when he was a 23-year-old fresh-from-Duke House staffer earning ,000, he bought a unit in the Metropole, a Logan Circle building that touts itself as a “sleek, urban condo development,” putting about 0,000 down on the 0,000 unit, according to public records.

Warsaw 1944: Hitler, Himmler, and the Warsaw Uprising By Alexandra Richie Farrar, Strauss and Giroux, New York, 2013 Despite the thousands of books that have been written by Western historians about World War II a proportionately small number deal with those countries – Poland, Ukraine and Belarus – that bore the brunt of German and Soviet savagery.

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