Dating vegaphone banjo

However, in the mid 1930s, the company underwent a significant shift away from banjos and began concentrating on guitars.

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Documentation from the 1930s and 1940s is sketchy, but almost all of Vega’s surviving literature from that time focuses on guitars.

While the company did produce some exceptional acoustic archtops, and while they were also pioneers in the field of electrification, their banjo production barely registers.

They were introduced around 1930 and may have been withdrawn as early as 1932.

This particular example is worn but intact; its gold plate is largely gone, but the inlayed fretboard and carved neck are still works of art.

The resonator is decorated with maple /pearwo A great sounding Tenor Banjo from Deering Banjos of America. All maple construction, with straight neck, rosewood fretboard, perfect frets and low action.

It's an all maple banjo with a hard rock maple neck and a Little used Samick Tenor Banjo 4 string Artist Series Edition in excellent condition Can be tuned various ways.Framus banjos still h 5 string banjo made in Japan in the Seventies when they were making some great banjos..possibly by Kasuga who were the biggest manufacturer of guitars banjos etc.It's in excellent condition for being nearly fifty years old and has had no abuse. Straight neck and all in very good A vintage 'Challenger' Tenor Banjo by Wm Lange, New York, incorporating an archtop tone ring and two position resonator.The contour-carved mahogany A great Framus 5 string banjo from the seventies. All original except for skin and bridge in excellent condition.With the preferred raised head and the best tail piece ever made.2 small marks on arm,see photo .Rolled brass tone ring on three quarter inch thick ri A beautiful vintage zither banjo by George P Mathew, Soho Works, Birmingham, England.

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