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In fact in Apollonius Rhodis, Argonaurica 4.55 states: "[Selene the Moon cries:] 'How many times have you (the Witch Medea] disorbed me with your incantations, making the night moonless so that you might practice your beloved Witchcraft undisturbed." '.' Everyone knows the history that the Goddess Hecate taught Medea magick/Witchcaft.So (1) No one needs a male to draw down the Moon as Wicca would want a female to believe for it is through Hecate's empowerment that one has the power to draw down the moon.

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Each Full and Dark Moon Witches all around the world turn to the Goddess to feel Her empowerment.

Wicca believes that the HP has to draw the moon down into the HPS. One needs no one to draw the moon down into themselves but by themselves.

Or you may wish to chant “I invoke the energy of the goddess,” three times.

Then again you may want to remain silent and send a spiritual message to the goddess.

By drawing down the Moon you are filling yourself with Divine Light and absorbing the energy of the goddess.

A Drawing down the Moon invocation is most powerful during the full Moon, it is a way of drawing light into yourself, it can be healing, inspiring and spiritually enlightening.This ritual can also be performed with the assistance of the high priest, who invokes the spirit of the goddess into the high priestess.In some covens, the high priestess meditates upon the goddess and enters a trance, the high priestess then speaks and acts as the goddess.Drawing Down the Moon (also known as drawing down the goddess) Is a highly relevant and beautiful ritual, in which the energy of the goddess, symbolised by the moon, is invoked, the goddess is then drawn into the person who is conducting the ritual.Within a coven the high priestess invokes the goddess, and the spirit of the Goddess then enters the high priestess.However, the Moon is the Goddess, and it is Her energies alone that we are calling upon and celebrating.

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