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How would it go about collecting the relevant information?

These questions and others will be tackled through a range of field trips, sound walks, and practical documenting exercises, as well as lectures and screenings.

Fact: Women who choose not to get married until their late 30’s face a diminished pool of men, since 68% have been married by that time.

To entertain the possibility of it being difficult to find a husband, to even utter the expression “find a husband,” is to regress to another era.

And this advice is incredibly appealing, a rejection of the quaint notion that female heterosexuality is the desire not for men, but for a white picket fence. A not-quite-as-young woman will learn that rather than having all the time in the world to start a family, her biological clock is about to strike midnight.

Does it make any sense to try and make sense of London?

What would an anthropology of London need to include?

Contact hours: 1x lecture per term, 1x 2 hour seminar per week, 3 hours independent study per week Assessment: 1x 1500 word report, 1 x presentation Students explore the interrelationships of gender, sexuality and the body by bringing together ideas from contemporary Western social/cultural theory (including psychoanalytic, feminist and queer theories), detailed ethnographic and historical case studies, and anthropological theories.

In doing this, we will explore the ways in which the body, gender and sexuality have been produced/imagined differently in different times and places.And yes, there may be more opportune times (age wise) to find a husband and get married. What may be a good time for one person, may not necessarily be the same good time for another. I’ve always beat to my own tune and have lived my life according to what makes this girl happy. This innovative module will take a series of direct experiences of London as the starting points for considering possible anthropological approaches to the city.It will explore the history of London at first-hand, look at its portrayal by artists, writers and filmmakers, and evaluate a range of anthropological ways of tackling its complexity.If you had two kids after the age of 40 (like my wife did), you’re super lucky.

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