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We've heard of stage moms but we don't hear a lot about dads who devote their entire lives outside of work, or who make it their work, to make their kid a star. "Working as a hairstylist, he raised Ohno alone after the boy’s mother left early on. But what happens when Apolo skates after all those big opportunities that lie ahead?

Not an easy task, either, with Ohno describing himself as 'a kid who had a lot of energy and was out of control a lot of times.' Their bond is more friendship than parent-child these days, with Ohno turning to his father for advice about everything in his life." With Apolo now a huge winner at the 2010 Winter Olympics this father/son story is one with a happy ending. Should a parent be completely devoted to the life of their adult child? Do you think it's okay for parents to make their entire lives about their children? When I look at Yuki sitting alone I can't help but feel a little sad.

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In our society, we expect to see Mom cheering her champ on, cooking big pasta feeds the night before a game and laundering a grass-stained uniform.

Olympic gold medalist Michael Phelps' mom is his biggest fan (while his father is not much a part of his life).

So where's Olympic gold medalist Apolo Anton Ohno's mom? According to an article published in The New York Times, Apolo's father, Yuki, won custody of his son when Apolo was just a baby.

His mother, Jerrie Lee, left early on, and Yuki worked 12-hour days as a hairstylist to raise the infant who would ultimately become a world-class athlete.

If you have watched any of the Winter Olympics, you've likely seen Apolo Ohno's father Yuki alone in the stands, cheering on his son. There are no family members, friends or significant others by his side. This hasn't gone unnoticed by viewers, according to

Yuki is a single dad who raised Apolo, an only child, from a young age when his mother took off.The 2018 Winter Olympics have finally begun, and on Friday night all of the world's best athletes marched into Pyeong Chang, South Korea as part of the opening ceremony.But the most famous American athletes were actually doing more than joining in the festivities... Olympic gold medalist Apolo Ohno talked to all the athletes before they entered, and Twitter was shook Apolo Ohno was there, but not to compete this year. Olympics fans were in for a bit of a surprise when the opening ceremony started on Friday night.READ MORE He's the most decorated American Winter Olympian of all time, but Apolo Ohno proved he's a contender in summertime activities too by showing off his medal-winning smooth, shirtless chest in Hawaii…READ MORE Apolo Ohno's lower body is so powerful -- dude claims he can leg press 1800 pounds of raw steel ...Except for a few photographs, Apolo has never even seen, let alone met, his mother and has no interest in learning more about her. Sometimes reality outweighs curiosity--an adult left a baby.

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