Is there a difference between dating and being together

People can reply with whatever level of detail they feel comfortable sharing. I see dating as literally the act of going on a date and getting to know eachother. Casual Dating:going places, doing something with someone for the fun of it, with no goal for a relationship, just enjoying each other's company, being open to what may happen, but with no promises or goals. Both people get along, are attracted to each other, but know they are not right for each other for a relationship.

"We're dating" is more like "we've been getting to know each other" and there's no exclusivity attached. So they help each other with their sexual needs, while working on their plans for romantic lives separate from each other.

I didn't land the 6 month travel project, and we moved quickly once I returned from holiday. I never really noticed it anywhere besides back home in Philly. I've had two long-term relationships, but I don't do a lot of dating in-between.

In fact we moved so quickly, we were married 15 months after we met. I noticed this as more of a thing among younger people, high school or maybe college age.

Perhaps there's a regional difference in terms.

I suppose I like the word dating because it's non-gendered and purposefully vague. Dating:going places, doing something with someone to see how much you like them, with an eye on spending even more time with them, possibly with the goal of a relationship.

You might go home alone that night and not see her for a week, but you'll probably exchange numbers and continue the conversation over the phone in a day or two. Isn't that just like another way of saying though?

After you two figure that neither of you is the bearer of one of the other's dealbreakers, one of you, (probably the male, let's face it), asks the other out to spend some actual time together. Like I don't see anything wrong with saying I've been dating someone for 6 years. A date is when you go out somewhere and get to know eachother.

If a new acquaintance were to ask you if you are dating anyone, you probably wouldn't respond with "No, I'm in a serious relationship."I wonder if the difference lies in the particular couple's "end goal".

For example, I frequently describe my relationship trajectory with my husband as "We dated for six and a half years before we got married."I think it could, but even that is relationship dependent.

They way I see people doing casual dating is more long term casual as opposed to having a specific focus on long-term monogamous relationship, rather than "having fun."In Chicago.

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