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New York–area antifascists have long paid attention to the city’s influential music scene, and have waged similar protests against the English neo-folk band Death in June, which has applied Nazi-related themes to their music.

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"He came from a background where it was normal to speak badly about Jews, but when he met Otto, they became the closest friends," she said.

A spokesman for Mr Kamprad downplayed the revelations as "old news".

If you draw a swastika on your stomach to piss off a govt that says Nazis are illegal guess what imma call you?

@thatoasterone Im7OHK— Talib Kweli Greene (@Talib Kweli) February 20, 2018“Nestor,” a spokesman for Antifascist Action Nebraska who does not reveal his real name to protect his identity from white supremacists, is among the antifascists drawing attention to the controversy surrounding Taake’s music.

Those letters showed that Mr Kamprad gave money and recruited members, and that Mr Engdahl had been one of a select few invited to Mr Kamprad's wedding.

Ms Åsbrink said Mr Kamprad's feelings about Mr Engdahl remained mixed even today.But he has never admitted to membership of the more radical Svensk Socialistisk Samling, which was so close to the German Nazi party that it had dropped the Swastika symbol only a few years before Mr Kamprad joined.Ms Åsbrink's book, And in Wienerwald the trees remain, details Mr Kamprad's long friendship with a young Jewish refugee who came to work on his family farm and then played a key role in the team that launched IKEA.Taake does not endorse Nazism, he wrote, but “everyone should know by now that our whole concept is built upon provocation and anything evil.”In a new statement provided to , Hoest denied that Taake supports Nazi views.“I have clearly explained many times that me wearing a swastika once at a German concert was not at all meant to show support for the Nazi ideology,” Hoest wrote.The band apologized and canceled additional shows in Germany.

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