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They don't shout at each other's faces like in baseball; rather, it's a bit stranger.Players and referees are on a personal level in the NBA.As long as 'Sheed continues to show disregard for the way the NBA game is played, he will have as many deserved ejections as undeserved ejections.

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We didn’t focus on one of favorite moments though – the time when a Portland Trail Blazers ‘Sheed was ejected from the 2000 Western Conference Finals against the Lakers …

Date: 1/15/2003Game: Memphis Grizzlies @ Portland Trail Blazers Given the benefit of hindsight, Rasheed Wallace probably had a point when he sought referee Tim Donaghy out in the parking lot after being ejected on a questionable call.

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Since Sheed had lost the benefit of the doubt long before, everyone seemed to be cool with Donaghy's account.

Joey Crawford is always looking for a reason to give a tech.Though it was no more than an act of frustration, 'Sheed deserved the ejection.Reputation has obviously played a role in many of the calls against Wallace, but the reality is that a number of his ejections have been absolutely deserved.West was blatantly hit on the arm by Wallace on a shot, who then reacted in his usual incredulous fashion, but as Wallace walked to the bench, he angrily through a towel into the stands, prompting the officials to send him packing.Officials have been criticized often for not allowing players to display a reasonable amount of emotion, but there is no circumstance in which throwing things into the stands is acceptable.However, the one thing that Wallace does better than perhaps any player in league history is get tossed.

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