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All of this growth and change has had a considerable effect on the environment, landscape, and physical processes operating along the coast, which we shall now consider with reference to specific examples.

The rivers also scour out shifting channels in the sea floor, particularly on the fast-ebbing tide, and the estuaries provide a corridor for the prevailing wind and weather from the west.

The North Sea, on the other hand, is a relatively shallow basin with strong anti-clockwise tidal movements, partially enclosed in the south, but particularly susceptible to winds and storm surges from the north and north-east.

The pier was to be not only a means of unloading and transporting the oysters, but also protection for the oyster beds.

However, the new breakwater interrupted the longshore transport of shingle from the east, and the natural replenishment of the protecting beach was much reduced.

(NB the same houses are shown in both photos) As a result a new sea wall has been built to protect the whole coast from wave attack; the beach has been replenished and the groynes replaced; the channel of West Brook has been stabilised, with sluice gates to control discharge and reduce tidal variations; and drainage and slope reduction measures have been put in place along the cliffs of Studd Hill.

A substantial rock armour barrier ('rip-rap') has been added to protect the western side of Hampton Pier.Twentieth century growth of car ownership and the growing popularity of watersports (particularly at Whitstable and Hampton) encouraged day trips and weekend excursions from east and south-east London, supplemented increasingly by retirement and second home development, as well as chalets and mobile homes on low-lying land at Swalecliffe.The front at Herne Bay in particular has recently undergone substantial modification to reduce the danger of flooding, focused on the building of a protecting 'mole' to the east of what remains of the Pier (severely damaged in 1979).DOGMA F10 DOGMA F10 DISK DOGMA F10 X-LIGHT DOGMA F10 Team Sky 2018 DOGMA K10 DOGMA K10S DISK DOGMA F DOGMA F10 KING OF SPAIN 2017 DOGMA F100 - Giro d'Italia 2017 DOGMA F8 GAN RS GAN S GAN GAN DISK GAN K DISK GAN GRS DISK GAN GR DISK RAZHA ANGLIRU MERCURIO DISK NEOR PRIMA Questo sito fa uso di cookie, i cookie consentono una gamma di funzionalità che migliorano la tua fruizione del sito.Utilizzando il sito, verrà accettato l'uso dei cookie in conformità con le nostre linee guida.Relatively isolated and sparsely populated until the early 19th century, the coastal economy used to be primarily agricultural with subsidiary fishing (Whitstable was well known for its oysters until very recently).

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