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The biggest problem other companies might run into is their priorities.

If money is your first priority, money is what you’ll focus on when something goes wrong.

It’s easy to become lazy, and that’s when a data breach can happen. The Impact Team, meaning the individuals that collaborated on the Ashley Madison hack, were open about their methods, and it makes clear the differences in security. There is a trust that no one involved wants to be outed to the world and judged for being part of a sex dating site and hooking up with people.

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We monitor out user traffic to prevent criminal activity like human trafficking as well as cyber crimes like scams and phishing.

We do this mainly because it’s the right thing to do, but doing the right thing offers an additional layer of protection for our membership. It’s easy to put measures into place and say we’re secure, but there can be functional holes that don’t appear til testing.

Nestled among other tech companies, we employ the best of the best in terms of security and data protection.

Their job is current security of course, but we also insist they stay on the cutting edge so our improvements outpace the tactics of hackers and criminals.

Using safe payment processing is a critical component of security, and it’s never okay to think site security will make up for a lack of payment security. Hacktivists have made their reasons clear, and can actively target certain adult and sex sites where married people might hook up.

The bigger reason though is sites that allow criminal traffic.

Of course, we’d rather you start with safety and avoid the risk. Users can obtain a verified member ID, proving they are real and who they say they are.

It’s easy to spot if another member has gotten that verification.

These steps ensure that your sex hookups and private info won’t suffer the same fate as sites that have been hacked.

Because speed is important too, we use swap servers in location around the globe to give you the fastest hookup on the site, making it easy for you to secure your offsite hookups., easily the most successful online retailer, makes a huge point about customers and business.

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