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That way you won’t have any regrets about wanting to meet the right person for you, but not even knowing they could be right under your nose and waiting to meet you.Step 4: All new clients go through an in-person screening process for the benefit of everyone.

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Matchmaking is a professional business service for discerning singles, not online dating.

Unlike online dating, all clients must pass a criminal background check and an in-person screening process to ensure they are real and honestly looking to build a meaningful relationship.

Getting started is easy and there’s no obligation to join, so you have nothing to lose - except the opportunity to meet someone amazing that could change your life forever.

Take the first step right now by clicking the ‘Get Started’ button and filling out your 90-second profile.

Work in a field that allows you to mix and mingle with wealthy men and women, such as high-end resale, real estate, business, or non-profits.

Professional Matchmakers work with you to determine the exact type of man or woman that would be best for you, and then do their best to find that person and introduce you two. By getting you into an amazing relationship with your best friend and love of your life! What part of your life isn’t improved by the company of the right person?

Then a day or two later it’s back to the drawing board. Millions of singles are getting increasingly weary of online dating.

In fact, a lot of successful singles are beginning to give up on online dating altogether in favor of get-togethers with friends and quiet evenings at home.

But then how are you supposed to meet new people if you’re not already friends or running in the same social circles?

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