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If your organization qualifies, OED will convene all necessary City departments in order to streamline the permitting process for the applicant.

Similar to other special activity permits, farmers markets may only occur on non-arterial streets and are discouraged on Metro bus routes.

Additionally, a Shoreline Substantial Development Exemption may be required.

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To help keep our shared spaces accessible and in good repair, permits are required for any work in, or occupation of, the public right of way.

A public space permit is a type of permit that enables individuals, organizations, and businesses to enhance neighborhoods and strengthen communities by enlivening public spaces in ways that encourage social activity, help local businesses thrive, and create safer, more attractive streets.

Required documents: Festival streets are intended to help build neighborhood connections by hosting events that reflect the community's unique identity and interests.

A proposal for a new festival street designation can be submitted by community groups, individuals, or any other organized local interest.

Note: There are different requirements for permitting structures on private property as opposed to in public right of way.

For example, SDCI does not require a permit for fences or walls constructed under a certain height, but any fence or wall in the right of way requires a permit, regardless of height.As per SDOT Director's Rule #2-2012, the proposed festival street must have support from the surrounding neighborhood and requires the SDOT Director's final approval.Currently, Seattle's designated festival streets are: When creating a diagram or map of the specific poles to be used for banner installation, include the vertical pole numbers located on the street-side of the pole, and the streets where the poles are located.Provide a photo or other way to identify the pole if no pole number is available.Please see our pole map installation diagram to learn more.Your Construction Use permit must be approved before our Public Space Management team can review your plans.

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