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Over half of the Mo-99 has been made in two reactors: NRU in Canada (30-40% but ceased production in October 2016) and HFR in the Netherlands (30%).

As well as directly improving food production, agriculture needs to be sustainable over the longer term.

The FAO works with the IAEA on programs to improve food sustainability assisted by nuclear and related biotechnologies.

It was, and de Hevesy's suspicions were confirmed.

History has forgotten the landlady, but George de Hevesy went on to win the Nobel prize in 1943 and the Atoms for Peace award in 1959.

In Bangladesh, new varieties of rice produced through mutation breeding have increased crops three-fold in the last few decades.

During a period of rapid population growth, the use of nuclear techniques has enabled Bangladesh and large parts of Asia in general, to achieve food security and improved nutrition.

Mo-99 can also be made by bombarding Mo-98 with neutrons in a reactor.

However, this activation Mo-99 has relatively low specific activity, with a maximum of 74 GBq/g (depending on the neutron flux available in the reactor), compared with 185 TBq/g or more for conventional fission-produced Mo-99.

Not having much money he lived in modest accommodation and ate his meals with his landlady.

He began to suspect that some of the meals that appeared regularly might be made from leftovers from the preceding days or even weeks, but he could never be sure.

To try and confirm his suspicions de Hevesy put a small amount of radioactive material into the remains of a meal.

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